Product portfolio

There are two options available – standard (no polyamide threads) and Premium (with polyamide threads), in various colours and thicknesses.

Depending on the final application, several versions of the product are available.

AGLAS SoundStop sheets features and advantages:

  • Exceptional resistance to weather and ageing
  • Long lifespan and recyclability
  • High sound insulation
  • simple design and processing
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Functionality and aesthetics
  • Material in accordance with the requirements of European standards (EN 1793, EN 1794 and ZTV-LSW 06)



Standard colors:

Spring green685
Forest green686
Sea green687
Smoky brown591
Steel blue793
Midnight blue794
Sky blue795


Upon request, we can develop a colour according to your wishes. You can choose from transparent, non-transparent, and translucent colours.

Standard thicknesses:

Standard thicknesses are 12, 15, 20, and 25 mm.

Standard dimensions:

Standard sheet dimensions are 4000 x 2000, 3000 x 2000, and 2500 x 2000 mm.

Technical data and supporting documents

SoundStop technical characteristics

FeaturesAglas SoundStopRequired valueUnitMethod of testing
Tensile strength85.7≥ 70MPaEN ISO 527-3:1998
Elongation after fracture4.7≥ 4%EN ISO 527-3:1998
Elasticity modulus3094≥ 3000MPaEN ISO 527-3:1998
Impact toughness (Charpy)17.8≥ 13kJ/m2EN ISO 179-1:2004
Softening point temperature (Vicat)116≥ 105°CEN ISO 306:2005 (U)
Light permeability> 90≥ 90%EN ISO 13468-1:2003
Density1.19g/cm3ISO 1183 A
Bending strength117MPaISO 178
Bending temperature under load (HDT)98°CEN ISO 75-2
Linear expansion coefficient7 x 10-5K-1ZAG

Panel lifespan

Tensile strength77.2MPaISO 527-1
Elasticity modulus3280MPaISO 527-1
Elongation after fracture4.9%ISO 527-1
Impact toughness (Charpy)21.0kJ/m2ISO 179-1
Softening point temperature (Vicat)≥ 90%ISO 306 (Method B50)
Ageing< 1%DIN 6167

Certification of Suitability

Sound insulation – DLR index
12 mm29dBEN 1793-2
15 mm30dBEN 1793-2
20 mm32dBEN 1793-2
25 mm33dBEN 1793-2
Sound insulation – DLW index
12 mm31dBSIST EN ISO 717-1
15 mm32dBSIST EN ISO 717-1
20 mm33dBSIST EN ISO 717-1
25 mm36dBSIST EN ISO 717-1
Impact of stonesPass/EN 1794-1, Annex C
Light reflectionClass 1/EN 1794-2, Annex E
Fire resistanceClass 3/EN 1794-2, Annex A
Risk of falling debrisClass 4/EN 1794-2, Annex B
* 12 mm sheets: Class 2.



  • European standard EN ISO 7823, EN 1793 and EN 1794
  • German standard ZTV-Lsw 06

Compliance, certificates and approvals

The material complies with the requirements of European standards (EN 1793, EN 1794 and ZTV-LSW 06).

You will receive the statements of conformity, certificates, and approvals for our products in the project documentation upon ordering.

Bird Safety

There are several solutions available to ensure bird safety:

  • transparent colour sheets
  • birds of prey stickers
  • lines on the sheets made by sandblasting or screen printing
  • Premium 30 sheets with integrated polyamide fibres

Protecting the environment from noise

The installation of Aglas SoundStop acrylic sheets is the right solution for effective protection against noise caused by transport and industry.

Additional processing

  • Customised cutting
  • Thermoforming
  • Sanding
  • Printing
  • Laser and CNC cutting
  • drilling holes
  • polishing and milling edges
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SoundStop catalogue

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