Ways of use

  • own processing and quick supply,
  • drawing up an offer according to a plan
  • a large spectrum of technical and engineering plastics in stock



Range and processing

At Akripol, we offer a new programme with a wide range of semi-finished products from technical plastics. We offer advice and the production of finished products, according to your plans or samples.

For machine processing, we use:

  • CNC machining,
  • drilling,
  • welding,
  • cutting,
  • grinding and polishing


We live in a time of rapid technological development, where the many new materials, developed alongside advanced technologies, must meet the ever-increasing technical requirements. Technical plastics are gradually replacing traditional materials in machine construction such as metals and wood.

The biggest advantages of plastic in comparison with other materials are:

  • low weight, especially in relation to the load ratio,
  • good anti-slip and insulating properties,
  • resistance to wear and corrosion,
  • high chemical resistance,
  • easy processing,
  • option of pigmentation and recycling.