Electrical opening

Opening by means of electric motor opening devices can be implemented with various types of electric motors. Electric motors with 230 V and 24 V are used, which allow for side-lifting of the skylight to varying heights (standard up to a height of 300 mm), and are intended solely for ventilation purposes. For larger opening angles, electric motors of different types and standard lengths of 350, 550, 750 mm are used. The motor, and hence the opening of the skylight, is operated by a switch, whereby the beam can be opened, closed, or stopped in the desired position. Final closing and stopping is automatic. Opening with electric motor opening devices is available in various implementations. It is possible to perform a single or tandem installation for skylights of larger dimensions.

Pneumatic opening

Pneumatic opening is particularly suitable for spaces with high specific humidity and dirt, as the electrical opening is more difficult to implement in such conditions. It is mainly used in rooms with compressed air availability, as the pneumatic opening requires a compressed air line at 4-8 bar (primary installation).

Manual opening

This is the most simple opening system. It is used where the height from the ground to the skylight is not greater than 5 m (toilets, kitchens, classrooms, offices, corridors). It consists of a manual mechanism and a bar/lever (length from 1.5 m to 3 m).

Mechanical opening for exit to the roof

Using skydomes as an exit to the roof is the ideal solution for easily and cheaply accessing the roof of the building from the inside.

In addition to the gas spring, which enables or helps to push the dome into the open position, the roof exit mechanism is also equipped with a manual closing mechanism, which can also be locked for safety.


  • opening angle 90 degrees,
  • opening with a gas spring of 100 N or 200 N,
  • Roof exit bracket, white-coloured lock handle,
  • Max dimension N = 1760 x 1760 mm

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