• Square, rectangular, or circular layout,
  • Spherical, pyramid, prismatic forms

Basic information

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Variants, types, materials

Thermal insulation, Alux VISS

The main feature of Alux VISS skylights is that they offer high insulation, significantly reducing the cost of energy consumption for the heating, cooling, and lighting of premises.

The insulating values of Alux domes are tested according to EN 1873 – Documents.

ALUX domes come in various material combinations: solid PC, acrylic, HEATSTOP acrylic, MW PC

Thermal insulation

Types of thermal insulation:
Two-layer (U = 2.70 W/M2k)Three-layer (U = 1,70 W/M2k)Four-layer (U = 1,10 W/M2k)


Types of Alux VISS:
VISS (Ut = 1,10W/m2K)VIS16 (Ut = 1,30W/m2K)VIS10 (Ut = 1,70W/m2K)


Alux Heatstop skylights illuminate rooms with natural daylight, which significantly reduces the cost of energy. Alux Heatstop skylights are made of Aglas IRR and AGLAS IRR GOLD cast acrylic sheets in OPAL colour, and are a product of Akripol. Their special feature is reducing the overheating of internal spaces and preventing the penetration of heat into the room, while still allowing natural sunlight to enter. This characteristic of skylights made with this particular type of panel helps reduce energy consumption for cooling and lighting spaces. Advantages of Alux HEATSTOP skylights:

  • Bright and uniformly diffuse natural light in the premises
  • Reduced heating and lower indoor temperatures
  • Reduction of energy costs, especially for space cooling
  • High insulation and excellent UV protection
  • Possibility of designing various skylight shapes
  • The effect of solar power (IR) reflection is stable, as it is built deep into the cast acrylic
  • Smooth and glossy surface
  • Golden glare IRR GOLD skydomes with excellent transparency

With a combination of the HEATSTOP upper dome skin and high-insulation VISS domes, we get an optimal dome shape, suitable for the summer (cooling savings) and winter (heating savings) periods


ALUX domes are made of various types of materials. Certain characteristics of the materials are tested according to standard EN 1873 – Documents

Acrylic – standard, heatstop

Skydomes made of cast acrylic sheets (cast PMMA opal and transparent colours) – premium UV stability. Skydomes made of IRR (heatstop) acrylic sheets – reduction of solar gains or g-values.

They are mostly made of AKRIPOL Aglas cast acrylic sheets of various colours and thicknesses. The standard colours are OPAL and TRANSPARENT, but the AGLAS sheets are also available in other colours, even completely enclosed (non-transparent). The process of manufacturing gives the cast acrylic certain properties that are superior to similar materials (e.g. extruded XT PMMA acrylic sheets). Acrylic also provides an alternative to other materials, e.g. glass.

Stability and durability:

  • The stability of the cast acrylic (Aglas) skylight is characterised by its durability and resistance to environmental impacts (UV, temperature influences).
    These properties are much better, compared to the XT PMMA (in the case of cast acrylic sheets, all components are built across the entire thickness of the sheets, but only on the surface with XT).
  • It retains its colour and firmness, even after prolonged periods of exposure to bad weather conditions.

Compact polycarbonate PC

Solid polycarbonate (PC solid) skydomes – hail resistance. Hail is a common cause of damage to buildings and their construction materials. As a result, enormous costs may arise for the repair and replacement of damaged elements.

We use solid polycarbonate (solid PC), and implement it in our lighting systems in order to achieve better resistance criteria. The ALUX domes made of cast acrylic sheets and solid polycarbonate are tested according to FM Approvals No. 4473.


  • PMMA 4 mm: Class 1 or equivalent to classification HW3
    – Ice-ball diameter 32 mm
    – Grain speed (incidence speed): 28 m/s
    – Nominal incidence energy 10.4 J
  • PC solid 3 mm: Class 4 or equivalent to classification HW6
    – Ice-ball or grain diameter: 63.5 mm
    – Grain speed (incidence speed): 35.7 m/s
    – Nominal incidence energy: 71.9 J

Segmented PPC polycarbonate sheets

Skydomes from segmented polycarbonate sheets for the improvement of insulation values. Transparent polycarbonate sheets are used in the high-insulation domes VISS, VIS10, and VIS16. The polycarbonate sheets used in VISS domes are thermoformed in the form of skin arch layers, so they further help improve the insulating values.

Shapes and dimensions

Skydomes are produced in various shapes and dimensions.


Round domes are produced from all types of materials and in any type (VISS, …). More in the table below.


Pyramid and prism shapes can be found in the table below.

Square or rectangular

These are standard forms of Alux skydomes. They are manufactured from all types of materials and in any type (VISS). In addition to the standard dimensions in the table, ALUX skydomes can also be produced in other dimensions or adapted to the actual state in each project.

Table with standard dimensions of skydomes and variations of materials & shapes:

Opening options

In addition to lighting, skydomes with kit materials (adjustable valves, opening frames, protective nets, …) also provide opening capabilities. The opening may be intended for the exit to the roof, natural ventilation, or natural smoke and heat exhaust. In terms of these basic opening functions, ALUX systems can be implemented in several variants of different mechanisms. More detailed information is provided here:


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