Akripol offers a delivery service for materials or products to the address of the client. We perform the service both in the domestic Slovenian market, and in other EU or non-EU markets. For this purpose, the logistics service uses its own vehicle or partner carriers. Akripol also provides a service of scrapping and other processing of thermoplastics (acrylic sheets, polycarbonate sheets, …).


NSHEV Service and spare parts

Professional maintenance of systems of all types and manufacturers (we have certifications for several types of NSHEV systems). Many years of experience and continuous improvement in the area of lighting of spaces with natural light and safety in buildings (natural smoke and heat exhaust – NSHEV) makes us a reliable partner.
** The obligation of the owner or tenant of the facility is to take care of the regular maintenance of the built-in fire protection systems, as prescribed by the Fire Protection Act (ZVPoz, 41. Article, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no 3/07 – Officially consolidated text, 9/11 and 83/12).
** In the event of unauthorised interference with such a system, Akripol d.o.o. no longer guarantees its seamless operation, and the entire system warranty is no longer valid in this case.

Maintenance and cleaning

The skylights serve their purpose with minimal regular and proper care. Owners and facility maintainers are recommended for regular inspection and service only. You can also choose our service for all regular maintenance and cleaning tasks.

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