Ways of use

  • Controlling NSHEV mechanisms or systems (roof skylights, façade windows, …),
  • opening in the event of fire,
  • ventilation

The purpose of the SV and SVM control panels (for staircases) is the provision and control of the operation of 24V or 48VDC ventilation systems and the natural exhaust of smoke and heat.

Control panel implementation

The SV control panel is compact, with a sophisticated designer appearance, includes batteries, and is certified according to the standard EN12101-10 class A (double supply).

Advantages of using 48V

  • The power consumption (A) of the opening drives is reduced by 50%,
  • the cross-section of electrical lines or cables is reduced by 50-60%,
  • the control panels can support twice as many opening mechanisms as with 24V, reducing the total value or price of the control units required in medium and larger projects by up to 30-40%.

Technical data

SpecificationsControl panel SV 24V (8A, 24A, 30A, 32A)Control panel SV 48V (8A, 24A, 30A, 32A)
CertificatesEN 12101-10:2005 (class A – dual power supply); in accordance with EN 12101-9
Power supply230VAC (max 5A)230VAC (max 10A)
Output voltage24 VDC48 VDC
Number of output lines for motors2 (Line detection – 1 to 10 lines)2 (Line detection – 1 to 10 lines)
Maximum total load8A / 24A / 30A / 32A8A / 24A / 30A / 32A
Operating temperatureod -15°C do +40°Cod -15°C do +40°C
ProtectionIP 54IP 54
Batteries (72h support)DA (8A in 24A = 2 kos 12V/7,2Ah);
(30A in 32A = 2 kos 12V/12Ah)
DA (8A in 24A = 4 kos 12V/7,2Ah);
(30A = 2 kos 12V/12Ah + 2 kos 12V/7,2Ah);
(32A = 4 kos 12V/12Ah)
Dimensions (including batteries)343 x 178 x 450 mm (max 22kg)343 x 178 x 450 mm (max 32kg)
ColourFront white, the rest blackFront white, the rest black
Number of fire lines1 or 2 lines
Number of ventilation lines1 or 2 lines
Wind/rain sensorYESYES
Alarm – exitYES (possible free contact, max 48V/0.5AYES (possible free contact, max 48V/0.5A
Error – exitYES (possible free contact, max 48V/0.5AYES (possible free contact, max 48V/0.5A
BUS connectionYES (linking 2-10 control panels to each other)
LED indication on the frontYES (OK; AC error; Low battery; Error on line; Alarm)

SVM control panel connection scheme

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