MAX skylight dimension 200 x 250 cm

Basic information

Properties and advantages:

  • CE certified systems,
  • it can be closed from the ground – in case of a false alarm, there is no need to change any elements,
  • double usage of electric opening devices (NSHEV and natural ventilation),
  • 2 types of certified opening devices available (type ‘G’ and type ‘AL’),
  • 48V motor option (savings in electrical installations and fire centres),
  • Snow load up to SL 1000 N/m2,
  • Simple installation of the system (adjustable valves of different types, deflectors, aluminium opening frames, opening mechanism)


Variant table:

Alux polycarbonate arch band:

Parameters according to standard EN 12101-2:2004

Snow load SL: up to 1500
Wind load WL: up to 2000
Opening time: under 60 s
Reliability of operation: Re 10000
Heat resistance: B300
Operation at low temperatures: T(-15)
Reaction to fire: Aluminium A1, Polycarbonate B-s1, d0, sealants F
The aerodynamic surfaces (Aa) of the hatches have been tested at the specialised and accredited institute of IFI Aachen Germany. The properties of the Aa surfaces of the hatches are indicated in the EC – declaration of properties under standard EN 12101 – 2:2004.

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