Ways of use

Skylights can be used under normal conditions for lighting and ventilation of the premises, and in the event of fire, they serve as a natural exhaust of smoke and heat from the burning premises.

Types of NSHEV systems

  1. 24/48V electric NSHEV
  2. CO2 NSHEV opening
  3. Control panel 24/48V
  4. Accessories and components


The following types of ALUX skylights are equipped with NSHEV systems:

  • skydomes,
  • Alux segmented light band,
  • Alux polycarbonate arch band

The ALUX NSHEV systems correspond to or are certified in accordance with EU law (standard EN 12101:2). In accordance with EN 12101:2, tests are done to check the opening angle of the skylight, opening time, opening under load (SL), reliability of operation (RE), operation at low temperatures (T(0)), temperature stability (B), wind load (WL), and reaction of the material to fire. A special test in the windpipe determines the emission coefficients (Cv), which define the aerodynamic surfaces (Aa) of the individual dimensions.

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