Ways of use

Polycarbonate facade light systems are the ideal solution
for vertical glazing and the illumination of tertiary buildings:

  • gyms,
  • schools, …

and industrial buildings:

  • shopping centres,
  • production and storage warehouses, …



The width of the sheets is 500 mm or 600 mm, and the length is customised.

Types, colours, and dimensions

The standard range includes 3 types of panel:

  • panel 40 3W,
  • panel 40 8W,
  • panel 50 10W

The types differ mainly in their weight and insulation values. Fully transparent sheets are generally used due to good light permeability; however, opal colours or other colour shades are available by arrangement.

A wide range of closing/connecting ALU profiles is available, including implementations with a segmented thermal bridge. The aperture and substructure of the façade belt is prepared on the basis of the dimensions and the type of lighting systems and façade sheets.

Opening options

Polycarbonate facade light systems are originally intended for natural lighting. In the case of requirements for ventilation, individual opening segments are fitted into the façade light system. The opening is mechanical, or in a more standard version, with a 230V or 24V electric motor.

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