Ways of use

  • The purpose of the panel is primarily for glazing various types of buildings, covering canopies, and for roof skylights.
  • They are also suitable for internal use (partitions, …)



  • The sheets are available in a transparent, opal, and ‘bronze’ shade,
  • The dimensions that are usually in stock are 2100×4500 mm, 2100×6000 mm, 2100×7000 mm and 2100×8000 mm


  • The range of PPC sheets in stock in the factory contains panel thicknesses of 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm.
  • 25 mm and 32 mm versions are available by arrangement

Types, colours, and dimensions

The thickness and shade of the multiwall sheets is chosen on the basis of the purpose and technical requirements of the facility. In addition to multiwall sheets, AKRIPOL also offers a wide assortment of kits for the proper mounting of sheets. There are several types of aluminium jointed, support, and fastening sections, closing sections, seals and fasteners.

Technical data

Panel thickness (mm)46810 4W16 7W
Standard width


Standard length (mm)60006000600060006000
Weight (g/m²)8001300150017002600
K value(W/m² °C)3,53,22,51,8
Fire resistance (Germany)B1B1B1B1
Light permeability – transparent (%)8585857364
Light permeability – opal (%)7364645748
Light permeability – bronze (%)50444429

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