Ways of use

  • Natural lighting of industrial buildings (production, warehouses, shopping centres),
  • for extracting smoke and heat in the case of ventilation – NSHEV systems

The position of the mounting on the roof is customised (over the ridge, in the ridge, parallel to the ridge, flat roof)



Production is possible in the following formats:

  • 1-layer,
  • 2-layer,
  • 3-layer

Variants, types, materials

They are made of cast acrylic sheets or a full polycarbonate of standard colour shades. They are arch-shaped, thermoformed, and self-supporting. The ALUX skylight is modular – it consists of any number of thermoformed light segments/elements that together form a longer light band. The two end elements are closed.

Materials (bottom of the page at the title: Variants, types, materials)

ALUX bands are installed on various types of kerbs (polyester, metal, wood, concrete). The location of the roof mounting is optional (on a flat roof, in the ridge, over the ridge, along the ridge). The light bands can be implemented in 8 fixed widths, while the length is adjusted to the requirements of the project.

Shapes and dimensions

L – Light dimension of the band
K – Structural roof dimension
N – Outer dimension of the band
O – Dimension of the kerb
V – Screw axis

Opening options

In addition to lighting, segmented light bands with kit materials (upstands – kerbs, opening frames, protective nets, …) also provide opening capabilities. The opening may be intended for natural ventilation or natural smoke and heat exhaust. In terms of these basic opening functions, ALUX systems can be implemented in several variants of different mechanisms. More detailed information is provided here:


Light bands catalogue

Please browse through our catalogue, where you can find more information about our products.

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