Ways of use

Covering light openings on roofs, mainly in industrial facilities:

  • production,
  • warehouses,
  • shopping centres

The position of the mounting on the roof is customised (over the ridge, in the ridge, parallel to the ridge, flat roof).



The width of the bands is from 100 cm to 600 cm (more than 6m by special arrangement) and the length is unlimited.

Variants, types, materials

The ALUX arch light bands are represented by a self-supporting aluminium structure and a filler from segmented polycarbonate sheets. The colour of the polycarbonate sheets is either opal or transparent, and the thickness of the sheets depends on the required thermal insulation. For better insulating values, a combination of multiple panel thicknesses is available. The aluminium construction is usually in NATUR colour (in RAL by arrangement). If necessary, assembly with a segmented heat bridge is available. The bands correspond to the requirements of EN 14963:2006.

Parameters according to standard EN 14 963:2006:

  • U-value Uw: 1.00 – 1.4 W/m2K (depending on the window, including frames)
  • Snow load DL: 500 to 7400 N/m2
  • Wind load: 750 to 2000 N/m2
  • Reaction to fire: Aluminium A1, Polycarbonate B-s1, d0
  • Waterproof: compliant
  • Soundproof: up to 22 dB
  • Light transmission: from 20% to 65%
  • Impact (small, hard objects): compliant
  • Impact (large, soft objects): up to SB 1200 J

As part of the range of ALUX arch polycarbonate bands, we also offer special integrated protection against falls, and integrated protection against hail and sun.

The ALUX arch polycarbonate bands are installed on various types of adjustable kerbs (polyester, metal, wood, concrete) – Alux Accessories

Opening options

Polycarbonate bands may be fixed, and part of the light bands may be opened for the purpose of ventilation or exhaust of smoke and heat – NSHEV systems


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