The kerb rises the edge of the aperture of the skydome above the roof level, thus preventing the penetration of water into the facility, due to precipitation and snow.

You can choose:

  • The height of the kerb is chosen according to the expected height of the snow, the thickness of the thermal insulation, and the detail of the installation,
  • Among the different construction dimensions – standard dimensions are tailored to the standard dimensions of skydomes and light bands,
  • The material/type of the kerb,
  • kerb wall thermal insulation thickness,
  • Inclined or level/vertical kerbs

Polyester kerbs

They are made of polyester, reinforced with glass fibre. The hard polyurethane foam, which is inserted between the two polyester layers, ensures thermal insulation. The inner side of the kerb is white and smooth. The kerbs are made with a special anti-condensing edge (condensation draining). The standard heights of the polyester kerb are 15 cm, 30 cm, 50 cm, and 60 cm. We also offer non-standard
height options (10 cm, 20 cm, 40 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm). The standard thickness of the insulation is 25 mm, and we can increase the thickness of the wall for better insulating values (40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm). Customised products are available (remedial kerbs, kerbs with isolated heel, kerbs with a drain edge, …).

Standard dimensions of kerbs are given as construction openings K – Alux skylight catalogue

The insulating values of polyester kerbs are tested according to standard EN 1873 – Documents

Sample cross-section of a standard adjustable polyester kerb:

Metal kerbs

They are made of galvanised sheet metal. The inner side is usually coloured in RAL 9002. Thermal insulation is provided by glass or stone wool, which is inserted into the metal pedestal. This type of pedestal must also be lined with sheet metal, bitumen, or PVC foil (depending on the type of roof).

The essential advantage of metal kerbs is that they can be produced in any dimension without additional costs for the production of moulds, thus adjusting to any (including non-standard) building aperture. They may also be constructed in non-standard heights.

Sample cross-section of a metallic kerb without insulation:

Fall protection nets

Protection nets prevent people or major objects from falling through the roof opening into the building. This product is particularly important because it provides safety on the rooftop. It is made from building mesh, which can be just galvanised or coloured in RAL.

Characteristics of the installation of safety nets:

  • The nets are fixed to the roof base before mounting the roof windows, UNDER the kerb,
  • Possible fitting onto the kerb,
  • Implementation of nets corresponding to the installation of NSHEV or ventilation mechanisms,
  • The nets are tested according to GS-BAU 18

The protective nets are available for all dimensions of skydomes. However, it is possible to implement any intermediate – non-standard dimensions by arrangement. Non-standard implementations particularly come into play in the renovation of existing facilities.

Implementation of nets for mounting on the kerb

Implementation of nets for installation under the kerb

Wind and rain sensors

The purpose of the wind/rain sensor, including the electronics, is to send a command to the control panel for NSHEV, or for ventilation only, to close the skylight in the event of increased wind (adjustable wind speed) or rain.
The electronics contain 4 separate switching contacts (allows for independent ventilation lines)

The wind and rain sensor is connected to the electronics. This system enables the adjustment of:

  • Wind sensitivity,
  • Heating the rain sensor,
  • Service mode (line blockade)

Sensors and electronics

Blinds, insect screens

The technical solution, design, and supply of blinds and insect screens for ALUX skylights is possible in case of demand for a particular facility.

Skylight/ventilation control

Remote control opening/closing of skylights

Receivers and transmitters of various functions and channels for the remote control of the 230V electric motors for daily ventilation. Certain types may also be connected to the control panel, through which the mechanisms for daily ventilation can be operated remotely.

Buttons for the skylight ventilation function

Button for opening and closing the skylights for daily ventilation; it can also be connected to the 24/48V control panels for NSHEV systems.

Fire hatches/curtains/buttons


The execution of fire hatches is possible in case of demand for an individual facility.


The execution of fire curtains is possible in case of demand for an individual facility.


To trigger the alarm in case of fire, to connect to the control panel.

Temperature and smoke sensor

Temperature sensor

Connection to the control panel, triggers at an elevated temperature (75°C) and sends a signal to the control unit.

Smoke sensor

Connection to the control panel, triggers when sensing smoke in the room and sends a signal to the control unit.

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