Alux – lightweight skylights

Alux skylights are lightweight and durable. They offer optimal solutions for:

  • Natural lighting by sunlight,
  • Natural ventilation,
  • They act as important fire safety systems,
  • They protect spaces from external influences: precipitation, noise, dust.

Skylights can be used to improve living, working, or public spaces, and to save a large proportion of costs by using natural sustainable energy sources. They can be built into facilities of all purposes: residential, public, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Systematic installation of skylights provides the room with more daylight, as well as aeration and security. The benefits of built-in Alux skylights can be experienced by both the users and the owners of buildings.


Illuminating our living spaces with daylight is very important, as we as humans are affected by both physiological and psychological factors.

Advantages of natural light:

  • Well-being and sustainable natural energy
  • Positive impact on humans
  • Work efficiency, security, and energy savings
  • Quality of the interior environmen

Scopes of use

Living facilities

  • Individual housing units
    Rooms with natural light significantly improve the well-being of their residents. They reflect environmental awareness with energy savings, while at the same time you will feel more productive and rested in your home environment. Skylights also provide protection from wind, and represent a safety element in the event of fire.
  • Multi-dwelling common spaces
    Skylights are ideal for the provision of bright and aerated stairwells, corridors, and atria. They are also represented as protection for vehicles, and fire safety of housing and common spaces.

Public facilities

  • Natural daylight and aeration bring nature and life into buildings or covered areas, and have an exceptionally beneficial impact on the quality of the environment and the well-being of users
  • Energy savings for lighting and ventilation
  • Prominence of premises and buildings
  • Prestige and value of buildings

Industrial facilities

  • Increased working efficiency
  • Significant energy savings
  • Increased safety due to daylight
  • Fire safety for people and facilities

Educational facilities

  • Quality of the environment, the well-being of students, employees, and visitors
  • Higher concentration and better results of education

Sports facilities

  • Energy savings for lighting and ventilation
  • The well-being of athletes and visitors

Business facilities

  • Increased productivity in office activities
  • The well-being of employees and visitors

Why choose Alux?

 Alux piktogrami 1 FUNCTIONAL
  • 3 in 1: natural light, ventilation, natural smoke and heat exhaust
 Alux piktogrami 2 MODULAR
  • Quick and easy installation and dismantling
  • Adaptable to various types and shapes of roofs
  • Different opening systems
 Alux piktogrami 3 RESISTANT
  • durable
  • solid
  • Impact and weather resistant (UV-rays)
 Alux piktogrami 5 INSULATING
  • Different combinations of acrylic skins
  • Different combinations of skin materials
  • Adaptations of skin thickness
 Alux piktogrami 6 AESTHETIC
  • Various shapes and colours
  • Reduction of energy consumption for heating and cooling of premises
  • Lowering electricity costs
  • Skylight skin recyclability
 Alux piktogrami 8 HEALTH-FRIENDLY
  • Fire safety system for smoke and heat extraction
  • Natural light in the room
  • Heat control
  • For industrial and individual facilities
  • Customised production
 Alux piktogrami 10 TECHNICAL SUPPORT
  • Engineering, design, and consultancy in the company
  • Flexibility
  • Different opening systems
 Alux piktogrami 11 CERTIFIED PRODUCTS

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