standard formats of Aglas San and Aglas San – LV sheets:

  • 1550 x 1550 mm,
  • 1750 x 1750 mm,
  • 1950 x 1950 mm,
  • 2240 x 1120 mm,
  • 2250 x 1750 mm,
  • 2400 x 1600 mm,
  • 2400 x 1750 mm,
  • 2550 x 1850 mm.


standard formats of Aglas San and Aglas San – LV sheets: 3 – 3,2 – 4 – 5 mm

Types of Sanitary Cast Acrylic Sheets

  • Aglas San – Standard
  • Aglas San – Easy Shaping – for more demanding shapes (lower thermoforming temperature)

Aglas San – Standard

They are used for making standard bathtubs, shower stalls and sinks. Their chemical structure enables easy and controlled shaping during thermoforming.

Aglas San – Easy Shaping

They are modified sanitary acrylic sheets that enable easier drawing of more demanding shapes of sanitary products due to their specific chemical structure. They are suitable mainly for making products that require extremely deep draws during thermoforming and for shaping extremely demanding shapes. In comparison with Aglas San – Standard Aglas sheets, these sheets must be thermoformed at slightly lower temperatures.

Programme, Adapted to the Client

    • cutting to size based on client’s wishes
    • adaptability
    • fast responsiveness
    • option of smaller batches
    • advising in the transformation of sheets into end products
    • custom-made colours
    • support and close cooperation in development
    • large number of different gross sheet formats


Examples of use

San sheets are intended mainly for making bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks and parts of bathroom furniture.

Technical data

UnitBy method
Density1.19g/cmłISO 1183/A
Bending strength110MPAISO 178
Tensile strength70MPAISO 527/B
Elongation at break, min.4%ISO 527/B
E-module when tensed, min.3000MPAISO 527/B
Compressive strength120MPAISO 604
Rockwell hardness (M scale)100ISO 2039 – 2
Yield strength (Charpy), min.12kJ/m˛ISO 179/1D
Softening temperature (Vicat), min.105°CISO 306/B
Bending temperature under load HTD98°CISO 75/A
Linear elongation coefficient70 x 10–6°C/m°C/mEN 2155 – 12
Refractive index1.49ISO 489/A
Luminous transmittance, min.90%EN 2155 – 5
Dielectric constant2.7IEC 250
Dielectric strength30kV/mmIEC 243
Water absorption0.5%ISO 62/1
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