Ways of use

  • for making skylights: dome skylights and skylight bands
  • corrugated, trapezium and ribbed skylight roofing
  • canopies, covered car parks, stations
Aglas irr right side

Aglas IRR Heatstop are acrylic sheets with a distinctive blue-violet glare, and the effect of the transmitted light is pale pastel green.

Aglas IRR Heatstop Gold is a new generation of IRR Heatstop sheets with a greater reflectiveness in the IR range, which means even greater heat dissipation, and reduced heating in spaces under the skylights. The advantage is also in the colour of the transmitted light; the new sheets give the space under the skylight a pleasing white glow.


Thermal characteristics of AGLAS IRR Heatstop

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Reflection of sheets in the IR range

Panel typeReflection 700 – 2500 nm  (%)
IRR Heatstop23,17
IRR Heatstop GOLD27,44


Optical characteristics

Technical data

The physical and chemical characteristics of Aglas Shade sheets are the same as those that apply to the standard Aglas Pure cast acrylic sheets.

The characteristics of the material, which are constantly monitored at Akripol, relate to the requirements of the standard for the quality of cast acrylic sheets ISO 7823-1, which has succeeded the German standard DIN 16975.

Review of properties according to DIN 16975:

UnitBy method
Tensile strength70N/mm˛DIN 53 455
Elongation4%DIN 53 455
Yield strength3000N/mm˛DIN 53 457
Softening temperature, Vicat10kJ/m˛DIN 53 453
E-module (tensile test)105°CDIN 53 460


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