Standard Programme

Novopop RM

Novopop RM is a two-component reactive acrylic adhesive. The main component is acrylic resin, while the second component is an accelerator that triggers toughening at room temperature. Novopop does not contain solvents; during toughening, its liquid ingredients transform into a solid polymer that resembles cast acrylic.

Novopop T

Novopop T is a thicker form of Novopop RM and is intended for bonding vertical surfaces.

Repair Resins

The two-component acrylic repair resin is used for repairing smaller damaged surfaces of acrylic bathroom furniture (bathtubs, shower stalls and sinks) and Akritop. It consists of an active acrylic colour component (component A) and an accelerator N (component B) and is supplied in a broad range of colours.

Preparing the Adhesive

The surfaces we wish to bond must first be prepared: sanded, degreased, cleaned and dried well. The preparation of the adhesive is a simple procedure. 2–4% of accelerator N (component B) are mixed into the Novopop adhesive (component A); we stir the mixture well and wait a few minutes for the air bubbles to rise to the surface and pop. A suitable quantity is applied to the prepared surface. Solidification takes about 1 to 1.5 hours; final solidity is achieved after 24 hours. For a top-quality joint (in the case of more demanding products) it is recommended that you temper the bonded parts for 1 hour at 70-80°C. Tempering reduces the tension in the adhesive joint and reduces the possibility of the joint cracking. The solidified adhesive can be polished.

The prepared mass is for single-use only, which is why it is sensible to prepare only as much resin as can be used up in 20-30 minutes. If too much of accelerator N is added  (more than 4%), it can cause the Novopop adhesive to change colour.

The adhesive must not be contaminated (not even minimally) with the accelerator in the container in which it is stored, as that could lead to the solidification of the adhesive (intense reaction, heat release).
The unused Novopop must not be poured into the sewage system or thrown into the rubbish bin. It represents special – dangerous waste. The solidified Novopop, on the other hand, is unproblematic waste (of the same category as the majority of waste plastics).


Novopop adhesive is packaged in polyethylene containers (1–10kg).


All components must be stored in their original packaging, in a well-ventilated, dry and dark room at a temperature from +5 to +20°C. Refrigerator storage is recommended. Shelf life is 3 months.

Technical data

Flow time200-250sec.Ford cup
Dry matter30-35%
Shrinkage during polymerisationup to 14%


Solidified adhesive – properties (without tempering)
Tensile strength~ 54mm N/mm˛
Elongation~ 2%
Vicat softening temperature94°C


In addition to the standard Novopop adhesive, modified Novopop adhesives can be custom-made.

All the data have been presented in good faith of their reliability, yet Akripol shall not assume any responsibility.

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