Advantages of Aglas cast acrylic sheets:

  • excellent transparency
  • durability
  • lightness
  • weatherproofness
  • smooth shiny or mat (silky) surface
  • high surface hardness
  • thermoelasticity
  • electrical insulation
  • chemical resistance
  • UV resistance
  • can be used in a temperature range from –30 to +90°C
  • suitable for printing, sanding, heat bending, sawing, drilling, cutting, planing, grinding, polishing, painting etc.
  • 100% recyclable

Due to their advantages, cast acrylic sheets are also used as:

  • Alternatives to glass
  • Alternatives to transparent plastics

Sheets with special effects can be made at the request of the buyer:

  • glossy cast acrylic sheets
  • cast acrylic sheets with mesh reinforcement
  • cast acrylic sheets with metallised effect pigments.

Scopes of use

Protection of the Quality of the Environment

Noise protection barriers, illumination with daylight, energy savings.


Interiors, exteriors, illumination with daylight, canopies, façades, balconies, details, urban architecture.


Advertising, signs, furniture, scenography, industrial design of parts.


Protective barriers, sound barriers, visors, automotive industry, nautical industry, industry of bathroom furnishings and the aeronautical industry.

Flexibility, Services and Advising

One of our main advantages is flexibility and adaptiveness. We are building our business process and policy on steps that continually increase the quality of relations with our customers and provide them with the best solutions.

Warranties and certificates

Catalogue Aglas 2016

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Support, advising and services

We offer:

  • a wide range and selection of suitable material
  • choice of auxiliary material
  • cutting of material to the desired dimension
  • services for processing acrylic sheets and forming them into products
  • advising about the processing technology
  • advising about the design
  • advising about the choice of contractors, machinists and designers
  • production of special products

Choice of colours and transparencies

The entire colour spectrum can be found in individual acrylic sheet programmes.

The standard colour chart contains colourlesstranslucent and opaque colour sheets. If a minimum quantity agreement is concluded, special colour shades can be produced.

Instructions for processing

Machining options are:

  • sawing
  • milling
  • planing
  • drilling
  • grinding
  • polishing
  • bonding

Treatment of the surface of the sheet:

  • printing
  • sanding
  • anti-graffiti coatings
  • laser treatment

Advice and instructions for the further processing of acrylic sheets can be found in the Annex.

Aglas Catalogue

Please browse through our catalogue, where you can find more information about our products.

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