Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Post Posted on: 7 August 2019

Simple Processing and Adjustments
With machines and tools for processing metal and wood we can saw, drill, plane, grind and polish cast polyamide. This enables us to make a wide range…

Spatial Solutions

Post Posted on: 14 July 2019

Quality of Living
In cooperation with a superb technical team and quality suppliers, we provide solutions for pleasant and quality living.
We offer advice and assistance in planning and installing our products…


Post Posted on: 14 July 2019

Noise Protection
Noise is becoming an increasingly unwanted factor in the human living environment, which is why it is important to reduce the noise caused by traffic and industry as much…

Energy Efficiency

Post Posted on: 14 July 2019

Of the numerous measures for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption, thermal insulation is one of the most effective ones.
By installing Akripol skylights you can reduce energy consumption by…


Post Posted on: 14 July 2019

Fire Protection
Alux skylights are equipped with certified and tested safety systems for smoke and heat exhaust.
For industrial, larger residential or commercial buildings Alux skylights are a professional solution, which in…

Natural Ventilation

Post Posted on: 14 July 2019

Ventilation with Opening Mechanisms
By using skylights with opening mechanisms, natural ventilation of rooms is simple and of quality. By planning natural ventilation with skylights we can avoid many problems and…

Natural Daylight

Post Posted on: 14 July 2019

Exceptional Effect on Well-Being
Daylight has an exceptional effect on the well-being of people, on work efficiency and activities, on our concentration and restedness. The physiological/psychological importance of daylight has been…