Company culture

Our vision is to develop the primary activity of development, production and marketing of advanced polymer materials of the highest quality and create an innovative environment, which is reflected in innovative applicative solutions.

Our mission is to direct our products, which are based on innovativeness and excellent servicing, towards the success of our customers and the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Through the constant education of employees, the quality manufactured products and competitive prices we are forming solid bonds with our customers and producing products with high added value.

Our values are responsibility, knowledge, creativity, innovativeness, courage, environmental awareness, quality, respectfulness and cooperation.

General Manager:

Emir Šoštarec

Cooperation, development and innovations

Our vision is to develop the primary activity of the development, production and marketing of advanced polymer materials of the highest quality and create an innovative environment, which is reflected in innovative applicative solutions.

Development and Innovativeness
At Akripol we encourage new ideas and thoughts, while at the same time creating a unique system for developing innovativeness. We are distinguished by a team spirit, trust and cooperation from all employees, who are talented in the field of innovation and who are further developing this potential.

Artistic projects
The company is aware of the importance of participating in various projects with which we can express and present our breadth. Our artistic projects show Akripol’s multi-layered character and infinite capabilities and curiosity. We see the greatest challenge in making our artistic products from materials that are normally used only in production. This way we can give way to imagination and creativity. We are participating in various calls for tenders and working with various Slovenian artists and architects.


The quality of work processes and consequently of the products made is one of the strategic directions of the company. The basic aim of our company is the quality manufacture of products that satisfy the needs and demands of customers, while constantly caring for a healthy and safe environment.



Development, manufacture and marketing are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

Our company wishes to follow only the best, which is why we do quality work in all areas. By this means we are managing and improving our business operations and increasing the satisfaction of our customers.

Career and Employees

Our employees are the core of our company.

We are aware that our development and our every success is the result of our employees, which is why we have their interests in mind. We value knowledge and encourage creativity and constant training.


Kadri in kariera

We encourage and value creativity and innovativeness, motivation, ambition, being results-driven, responsibility, a positive humane attitude and affiliation with the company. New employees feel good here and are given the chance to realise their career abilities.

A list of vacant posts and an application form can be found here.

Caring for Safety, the Environment and Health

Our operation is based on responsibility towards fellow men and towards the natural and economic environment. Sustainable development generates positive effects on nature, people and business, which is why Akripol encourages the development of society.


Caring for Safety, the Environment and Health

We take active care of nature and deliberately invest in sustainable business.
A constant and important direction of the Akripol company is caring for a healthy working and living environment. All its employees wish to improve the attitude towards the working and living environment, which is why we have introduced the ISO 14001 environmental management system and in 2002 obtained a certificate with the aim of improving the performance and success of the company in this field.
Our development prioritises environmentally-friendly products and technologies. We are endeavouring to reduce emissions and constantly seek ways for improvement. By developing high-quality processes we are rapidly developing production that burdens nature as little as possible.

By improving the efficiency of work processes, we at Akripol are striving to reduce the impact on the environment and actively see to its protection. We respect the local community and are sustainably responsible.

Social Responsibility

From the very beginnings of operation we have been aware of the importance of a quality and better life for all employees and for the local community. We are aware that active communication with the narrower and broader social environment and integration into the environment are becoming increasingly important for the long-term growth of the company.


Social Responsibility

We are constantly committed to ethical conduct, to development and to improving the quality of life of the employees and the local population. Social responsibility is becoming an essential part of our everyday operation. We are striving for permanent and balanced development, while respecting environmental and social values.

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