Light Skylights

Natural light for improving the residential, work or public space



Aglas acrylic glass

Premium Acrylic Materials with Excellent Mechanical/Physical and Chemical Properties



Composite acrylic sheets

A new generation of composite acrylic sheets produced from acrylic resins and mineral fillers



Premium Noise Protection

Transparent noise protection made of cast acrylic sheets



Cast Polyamides

Best alternative to mechanical metal elements made of engineering or technical plastics.



Innovative polymer materials and composites

Research and development of new innovative polymer materials and composites


Why choose Akripol?

Development Support

We research and develop creativity and innovativeness. At Akripol we encourage new ideas and thoughts, while at the same time creating a unique system for developing innovativeness. We are distinguished by a team spirit, trust and cooperation from all employees, who are innovative and who are further developing this potential.

Advising and Services

Every successful project needs good preparation and planning of activities. Our own development of technological solutions in cooperation with domestic development companies provides a reliable solution prior to ordering and during the production of the desired product.

Toward the End Solution

Our highly specialised partner companies are key to a swiftly completed and quality installation of Akripol’s products. Quality and a satisfied customer are our primary concerns, which is why we organise constant training within our company for our partner experts regarding the installation of our products.


Customers’ demands are increasing every day and dictate a high level of quality of products. Constant investments in modern technology contribute to the added value of our products and provide us with an advantage over the competition.

What is Akripol?

Ours is a modern, organised and successful company that provides high-quality functional products to its customers. It operates within the Plastoform group and has a rich tradition, as its beginnings date back to 1974.

Throughout this period we have devoted a great deal of attention to creativity and innovativeness, which has undoubtedly contributed to our company becoming the leading Slovenian company for the production and processing of polymers and cast acrylic glass sheets. The latter are not only distinguished by their elegance, but reflect the world around them with their brilliance and exceptional harmony of colours.

Current news

New Year wishes

Trebnje, 13.04.2023

We wish you a joyfull Hollidays and a Happy New Year 2024

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New facilities and production upgrade in 2018

Trebnje, 12.09.2018

Dear partners,
In order to expand the strategic competencies in the area of polymer production and processing; Akripol’s plant was extended with new facilities in 2018. We invested in automatisation of…

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ACRYON 3D acrylic-mineral composite

Trebnje, 10.10.2017

ACRYON 3D is a new generation of acrylic-mineral composite materials, made of acrylic resin and mineral fillers.
NEW ACRYON 3D leaflet

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